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“The overall picture that Kaldero paints has an air of inevitability about it, as he lays out carefully modulated steps to bring data science into existing business models, and many businesspeople will find his book to be invaluable A sharp, plainspoken guide for businesses facing the brave new world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” (Kirkus Reviewers)

Inc. Magazine: #1 Leadership Book for 2019

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We are in the 4th industrial revolution, companies need to figure out how to survive.

In this exciting revolution, machine intelligence has an unprecedented impact on business innovation, and it’s the only path to corporate survival in the future.

In Data Science for Executives, Nir Kaldero dispels the myths and confusions surrounding this game-changing technology and provides practical strategies for harnessing its profitable power.

This essential resource provides illuminating case studies, important guiding principles, and actionable recommendations for employing machine intelligence to enhance your business through the wealth of data that flows into your enterprise.

Leaders don’t have to be scientists to unlock the power of AI technology, that is already radically altering the industrial landscape. If you’re ready to meet the challenges of this new revolution, this essential guide will help you take your business to the next level.


From his time in the Israeli Defense Force to overseeing Data Science at a leading education company, Nir Kaldero’s profound understanding of data science has made him one of the world’s foremost trainers of high-impact C-Suite executives in how to transform their organizations into robust, data-driven corporations.

In addition to his work at some of the world’s largest international corporations, Kaldero created GalvanizeU’s graduate program in Data Science, and serves as a Google expert/mentor and IBM Champion. Winner of countless STEM awards, Kaldero’s insights are in high-demand around the globe.


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